Mobile telephony optimization and systems consultancy in the area of telecommunications and data lines

Kerkhoff Voice & Data is a manufacturer-independent consultancy for telecommunications and data lines as well as a systems consultancy.

Anticipating latest developments, understanding the providers' tangle and maze of rates, analyzing mass data on user behavior and using intelligent software to calculate total demand. That's what we are doing to provide our clients with what is needed on a demand-oriented basis, but at the same time at a service level or vertical integration as high as sensible. State of the art, but also at reasonable costs.

For companies and their acting and dealing workforce, it is impossible to maintain an overview of this permanently changing market and its non-transparent business models and to be able to fall back on a provider-wide benchmark. Not to mention moderately balancing demand and contract with regard to every single contract and each telephone number. However, this is advisable once per quarter since unexpected savings potentials are hidden here. In parallel with it, data protection is to be complied with if individual user data are analyzed. Depth of detail of our analyses and a reputable anonymization process – that's what we can do and what differentiates us from others.

If you now come to the conclusion that your contracts hadn't been scrutinized for some time, we should talk. And do save your valuable time to tackle such an intricate topic on your own. Even with great expenditures, you will not realize the results which we are able to provide using complex mathematical models and the corresponding software tools. You are the expert in your field – and we are the experts in the area of cost optimization and systems consulting regarding telephone and data lines in the mobile phone network or the landline system.

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