Success or failure – crucial is the level of detail of telecommunications optimization

How good are 13 % in savings if 31 % would have been possible? 

The depth of detail in analysis by means of methodology and a support software will decide on the level of project results. Complex mathematical model calculations enable us to cumulate the use behavior of every single employee to a total demand which is compared with the manufacturer's sales and business models. 

Contractual services which are included but not demanded or used will present potentials which both provider and customer had been unaware of before. That might be flat-rate services or even unused services. 

The generated transparency provides reliability in calculation which is also worth something to your provider. You will profit from cost benefits without having any quality drawbacks. We realize savings even if you are not ready to change. It is not our objective to produce a change in provider come hell or high water – we just want to realize fair market prices for demand-oriented services. In parallel, we know the systems on the market and will be available to you as a competent, independent systems consultant. It is true that our sight is set very much on a reduction of telecommunications costs, but we also keep our sight firmly set on the entire systems landscape – and you will profit, in the cooperation, from both procedural and technical improvements. 

That has been our day-to-day business for years, and we are excellent in it as has been evidenced time and again in testimonials from our clients.

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