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The “Kerkhoff Cost Analysis” software has once again been awarded the two certificates Innovation Award 2017 and Industry Award 2017

The Huber Verlag, the publishing house for new media, has been recognising outstanding progressive industrial products and solutions with the Industry Award every year since 2006. The best innovations in 14 different categories are recognised. In the IT & Software Solutions for Industry category, the Kerkhoff software “Cost Analysis” once again impressed the judges.

The IT & Software Solutions for Industry category covers IT solutions that help to simplify and automate workflows and processes in industrial organisations. This includes task-specific software & solutions, automation software solutions, digitalisation in production and logistics, Industry 4.0, industrial business software, machine data collection, quality management and technical software.

Godo Lange-Hilmers, Managing Director of Kerkhoff Software GmbH, is proud to once again receive the Innovation Award 2017 and to be nominated for Best of IT List 2017. “The fields of activity served by SMEs, as well as their actual size vary immensely, and they fulfil a vast variety of tasks. Companies need suitable IT solutions to hold their own in the increasing – and international – competition,” explain the organisers. This is why the Best of IT Lists include solutions that help to enhance process efficiency, as well as those that support knowledge management and quality assurance. The Best of IT List helps companies find new and suitable IT products – quickly, digitally and interactively.

Kerkhoff Cost Analysis is a product cost calculation software. The software uses a differentiated overhead calculation to determine the specific cost components of any given component or complete assembly based on manufacturing costs. Numerous databases support further analysis options. With the linked Kerkhoff Costing Cloud, users can also update previous calculations and create simulations. The service gathers the current market prices from more than 40,000 indices each month to correlate cost drivers in the calculation.

The software is the foundation for automated procurement, the innovative consultancy product “Procurement 4.0” which Kerkhoff launched with SME clients and DAX companies alike just over a year ago after five years of development. This system collects costs of entire product ranges, indexes them in terms of market development – including beyond variant families – and analyses them through regression using function terms. This means that the procurement, controlling, development and sales functions always have access to a comprehensive and up-to-date basis for decision-making.

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